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The Planned Giving Council of Broward County brings together nonprofit and for-profit professionals to network, exchange ideas and share in the knowledge to be gained from speakers known for their expertise in estate and tax planning, financial planning and charitable giving. It is an association for people whose work or interests include the developing, marketing and administering of charitable planned gifts.


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To provide a networking vehicle for local professionals in the planned giving process.


To offer an educational forum in the many technical aspects, marketing strategies, and implementation procedures of an effective planned giving program.


To promote increased charitable giving from the general public thus providing a financial resource for bettering our community.


"The Planned Giving Council opened my eyes to a broad network of professionals who I could relate to in my career.  I have had the pleasure to work with many of them on mutual projects and would have never had that opportunity had it not been for the Council.  I am so happy that I joined this Council early in my career as it played such a pivotal role by providing a resource for me on planned gifts and giving me the opportunity to network professionally with a great group of colleagues."

Kaley Barbera

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