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The Planned Giving Council of Broward County's volunteer Board of Directors is made up of recognized leaders across many areas of expertise. They represent the broad diversity of our membership and contribute significant amounts of time, talent, and energy to further the mission of the organization.

2023/24 Officers
Karey L. Bosack Greenstein

Karey L. Bosack Greenstein, J.D.
Memorial /Joe DiMaggio
Children's Hospital Foundations

Traci Shur

Traci Allyn Shur, CFRE
Fundraising Consultant

Kristian White

Kristian A. White, MHA

Gilda's Club of South Florida

Lana Pernia

Sviatlana (Lana) Pernia 


KLS Headshot.jpg

Kristin Snyder, J.D., LL.M

Snyder & Snyder, P.A.

membership/pr CHAIR
Mary Margaret Toole.jfif

Mary Margaret Toole

Community Foundation of Broward

Tainah Georges

Tainah Georges

Fusion Academy

at large director
Nikki Packer

Nikki Packer, CAP
Wells Fargo Private Bank

at large director
Brian Jones

Brian Jones, CFRE, MPA

Orca Golf

at large director
Edzai Chimedza

Edzai Chimedza, CFP

Tobias Financial Advisors


1985-1986      Charles Lang

1986-1987      Tim Shane

1987-1988      Linda B. Carter

1988-1989      Christine Lambertus

1989-1990      Cathy J. Campbell

1990-1991      Norman Kaplan

1991-1992      Louis C. (Bud) Hucht

1992-1993      Mary Bymel, CFRE

1993-1994      John F. Larson

1994-1995      S. Charles Adams

1995-1996      Elizabeth Greaton

1996-1997      David Just

1997-1998      Kevin R. Janser, CFRE

1998-1999      Peter M. Palin

1999-2000      Nanette J. Rudolf, JD

2000-2001      Pamela Fau

2001-2002      Tom Dieters

2002-2003      Frank Casale

2003-2004      Randy Friedlander , CIMA

2004-2005      Bill Snyder, Esq.

2005-2006      Bob Roberts

2006-2007      Eleanore Levy

2007-2008      Adam Scott Goldberg, Esq.

2008-2009      Elissa Mogilefsky

2009-2010      John Fisher

2010-2011      Mark Walters

2011-2012      John Gargotta

2012-2013      Peter Palin

2013-2014      Gregory Tait, CPA, PFS

2014-2015      Paul Keefe

2015-2016      James B. Davis, Esq.

2016-2017      Hector Sikes

2017-2019      Andrew M. Shamp, J.D., LL.M.

2018-2020      Andrea L. Darlow, M.B.A.

2020-2021      Kaley N. Barbera, J.D., LL.M.

2021-2022      Jennifer Powers

2022-2023      Karey L. Bosack Greenstein, J.D. & Traci Allyn Shur, CFRE

2023-2024      Karey L. Bosack Greenstein, J.D. & Traci Allyn Shur, CFRE

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