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Welcome to the planned giving council of broward COUNTY

Welcome to the planned giving council of broward COUNTY


Welcome to the esteemed Planned Giving Council of Broward County! It is truly an honor to be part of this exclusive community that brings together professionals from the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Our council is dedicated to providing a platform for education, networking, and fostering meaningful relationships for individuals involved in charitable and estate/financial planning.

Our membership base includes a wide array of professionals such as estate planning and tax attorneys, certified public accountants, trust officers, financial advisors, insurance experts, and planned giving professionals representing both local and national nonprofit organizations.

Gather with us six times a year at the Tower Club for our signature breakfast meetings, where each event features notable speakers discussing topics of great interest to both members and guests. The Meetings Page on our website features details about the dates, topics, and speakers for our upcoming breakfast meetings. Moreover, we hold an Annual Symposium every May, featuring distinguished speakers and panelists who cover topics of interest to our members. This popular three-hour morning event remains a key highlight, greatly enjoyed by our members and guests. Finally, we kick off our fiscal year with a social event each August! Consider exploring the various sponsorship opportunities available for you and your organization.


Joining the Planned Giving Council of Broward County not only grants you access to these engaging events but also includes membership benefits like our kickoff social, breakfast meetings, and registration for the annual symposium. Reach out to us at to learn more about the advantages of membership and sponsorship opportunities, as we are always eager to expand our network with new members.

I am extremely proud and enthusiastic to be serving as the President of the Planned Giving Council of Broward County as we embark on our 40th year. I extend a personal invitation for you to join us, participate in our events, and connect with outstanding professionals in our community. Our council has been instrumental in providing guidance, fostering professional growth, and shaping careers. Embrace the opportunity to expand your knowledge in the field of planned giving, build a valuable professional network, and advance your career by becoming a part of our esteemed organization. We look forward to welcoming you and supporting your journey of professional development. Welcome aboard!

Kristian White



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